Scientific Consulting & Technical Coaching

Optimization and Mathematical Programming

We help in developing and implementing mathematical programming and optimization applications.

Our preferred tool is GAMS, the General Algebraic Modeling System.

Virtually any business can profit from optimization. Recent projects helped customers in multiple industries, such as manufacturing, logistics, and service provider verticals (see about our customers).

Project sizes range from just a few hours to long-term engagements covering years of spot consulting.

Our engagement models vary, we are flexible. Some customers require spot consulting for specific issues or on an as-needed basis to ensure smooth operation and maintenance of their models, others may require a complete implementation or solution architecture advice in certain phases of their projects.

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SAP® APO Process and Algorithm Coaching

SAP® APO offers a multitude of different planning methods in its modules SNP and PP/DS.

Mapping business requirements to the right planning algorithm makes projects run significantly smoother. Also, project delays can be avoided by mitigating the risk of unrealistic expectations such as sequence-dependent setup operations in connection with MILP-based optimization.

We help in laying out planning processes with the advanced planning modules of SAP® APO and selecting the right planning algorithm for the task.

Rather than “classic” SAP implementation consulting, we see our role in process and algorithm coaching. Hence, we engage in solution architecture and algorithmic spot consulting.

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dr-maindl-consulting Officially named GAMS Solution Specialist: